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je suis…rayé

Style to your mood!

choose between:
* 9 leather Band Colors
* 10 Pendant Hoop Colors
* 10 Pendant Accent Colors

* Scripted resize
* Scripts can be delete
Get them here: Mainstore
❚Photografer & Model: Zoe Demar❚


je suis…magnifique

Big and brash,

the ::je::suis::magnifique:: bangles are a must-have for your accessories collection. ::je::suis::magnifique:: comes in eight color packages; each has four color shades to choose from.

The ::je::suis::magnifique fat pack includes all eight colors.

As with all ::je::suis:: pieces, ::magnifique:: comes with an easy to use menu with scripted resize options, and a feature to delete all scripts.

Get them here

❚Photografer: Leah McCullough❚


je suis…comme une rose

The flower with the sweetest scent and most delicate petals,
::je::suis::comme une rose:: will surely melt hearts.
Dozens of the finest roses adorn a mouth and arm attachment.

::je::suis::comme une rose::Mouth attachment | Arm attachment
Scripted resizeA choice of 18 rose textures (perfect for color matching)
Script delete button

Get them here

❚Model: Eve Parnall ❚ Photografer: Leah McCullough❚


je suis…gacha tenté rings

Adorn yourself with these beautiful baubles from ::je::suis::. These ::tente:: rings in aqua, deep water, fire, forest and sky will sync with your other ::tente:: pieces from the matching set. The ::tente:: rings are fully scripted, with options for changing metal color, a choice of 11 gemstone textures, glow intensity, resize and a button to delete all scripts. The ::tente:: rings come in a dazzling variety of variations and are perfect for adding a subtle splashes of color. But be careful, they look yummy enought to eat.

Have fun while playing
In Mainstore only



sophistique dark

This je suis favorite is now available in a range of deep colors that must been seen.

je suis…sophistique dark will bring dark lustre when you dress to kill. Carefully crafted with the finest pearls of the sea, the earrings, bracelets and necklace are an essential addition to your je suis collection. A menu allows you to change the color of the pearls and the metalwork, and comes with a resize menu. Scripts may be removed to reduce lag, if you so desire.


je suis… generel advertisement

je suis...advertisement by Leah

This amazing picture is done by Leah McCullough.

I really love her work and all shootings with her are so much fun!

This Picture will use for generel advertisement the je suis brand. Hope you like it as i do.

Leah and me modeled for that picture.
Leah is wearing the africain Necklaces and Earhoops and
I’m wearing the tente earrings, necklace and bracelets in sky version.


je suis…africain

je suis africain Poster

Bright and bold,
the new africain set from je suis… is bursting with juicy pattens and colors that will add “wow!” to any beach, casual or exotic look.

The necklaces, earrings, bracelets and belly chain have an amazing range of custom options: all beads, string and zebra patterns have a choice of colors.

Africain by je suis… is perfect if you are exploring the Zambesi or just striking a pose. All options are accessed from an easy to use menu that includes scripted resize
(all scripts can be removed if you wish).


je suis…la mer

je mer Promo

Picture the perfect day.

Your face is caressed by soft Pacific breezes as you stroll along the beach with your lover, laughing and kissing.
You stop to gather seashells in the warm, wet sand at your feet – countless, tiny and beautiful.
And when you wear the new la mer set from je suis…, your heart returns to that faraway island in the sun.

Wear la mer with swimwear or casual wear for a fresh and classy seaside look.

The la mer bracelet and necklace let you change the shell color, and both pieces have easy resize menus.


je suis…gothique

je suis gothique promo 1

je suis gothique 2
Style is everything,
whether you are hunting demons or just spending quality time with the undead.
The new gothique set from je suis… will protect you from dark forces while bringing an edgy finish to your look.
As you would expect from je suis, the bracelets, ring, necklace and earrings have metal and gem color options and an easy to use resize menu
(all scripts can be removed to reduce lag).


je suis…tenté

je suis tente promo

Enticing and seductive
who would not be tempted by this beautiful set from je suis…?
The carefully crafted necklace, earrings and bracelets of Tenté will make you irresistible.
With gemstone texture and metal color change, and with seven separate color sets to choose from, Tenté gives you endless scope for matching your style and look,
and includes an easy to use resize feature.
All scripts may be deleted to lower lag.

Tenté is like the kiss of a secret lover
you know you shouldn’t but you will!

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